Leaf blower to help clear up after cutting the hedges

Garden hedges should now be looking their best with a blast of sunshine bringing loads of growth after the earlier sluicing.
But the chore is not so much using the hedge trimmer as clearing up the twigs afterwards.
By using a simple machine to blow the cuttings into a pile and then shred them and suck them into a collection bag hours of back breaking work with a rake can be saved.

Warrior shredder vac leaf blower
Warrior shredder vac leaf blower, the easy way to deal with hedge cuttings
The Warrior EB260V Petrol Shredder-Vac & Leaf Blower is an excellent little machine when it comes to dealing with the autumnal fall but is perfect for picking up clippings after you’ve trimmed the hedges.
Petrol-powered and designed to be easy to start it has a strong air stream when in blowing mode so that it can deal as easily with clippings as with leaves.
And when you want to collect them it will easily suck them up and shred them through metal blades – it is designed to deal with twigs and even tough pine cones – and compact them into a large collection bag.
This machine normally costs £165 but we have it for sale for £119.95 and that includes free next working day delivery and a one year manufacturer’s guarantee.
And if you buy it now to deal with the hedge clippings it will save hours when it comes to dealing with fallen leaves in three months time. We have even heard that they can be really useful for blowing out the family car after the kids have left all manner of rubbish there on the way home from a family holiday!
It’s great to have really hot weather at the start of the holidays but when you get home you’ll have a couple of weeks growth to contend with in the garden, so have a browse through our site for more handy pieces of time-saving machinery.

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