Battery powered garden machinery comes of age with up to the minute lightweight technology

A new range of electrically-powered equipment which has the power to revolutionise the way we look at garden machinery has just been launched in the UK with Mowdirect the sole distributor.
The American company Greenworks has produced a complete range of equipment based on the latest lightweight lithium-ion battery technology to rival petrol power.

Greenworks cordless mower
Greenworks cordless mower
Many traditional gardeners will doubt this but just think. If a battery has the power to propel a car for several hours, why not use similar battery technology for a lawnmower or hedge trimmer?
These latest batteries have three times the power of the NiCad ones, maintain even power throughout each cycle and can be charged at any time during the cycle with no ill effect. The old ‘battery memory’ is a thing of the past.
But the great thing is that a battery and electric motor is considerably lighter than petrol power.
As several different tools use the same battery you can always have one on charge while using the other in of the extensive range of Greenworks machines.
Just think of the builders who now use battery-powered drills and all manner of equipment while having another battery on charge.
The trailing cables which were once an accepted hazard for gardeners using mains powered trimmers and strimmers and mowers will now be a thing of the past thanks to this battery revolution in gardening equipment.
And anyone who has spent time cutting hedges recently will appreciate this if you have a long run of hedging to trim back.
Greenworks’ 20 Volt battery provides all the power you need for hedge trimmers and strimmers but the company has also developed a 40 Volt one for lawnmowers and heavier garden machinery.
So just think, no more trailing down to the petrol station with a can for more fuel and all the attendant risks that brings.
Greenworks is the leading American brand in cordless technology and promises that their range will never release one ounce of carbon in to the atmosphere and uses on average 33 per cent less energy compared with petrol powered garden equipment.
Greenworks are confident that their advanced technology will eventually replace petrol engines across the complete range of equipment including mowers, trimmers, leaf blowers, and even chainsaws.
Mowdirect is delighted to be appointed the sole distributor for Greenworks in this country.
The first of their exciting new products, the Greenworks 40V Cordless Lawn Mower appears on our site today and further ones will be introduced over the coming months.
And Greenworks are so confident of their machinery that they give a three year warranty on all their machinery compared with the normal two.

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