Top brand mowers which recycle cuttings

Hayter is one of the country’s most popular brands and there are two mowers which can not only save time but also recycle clippings to the lawn as valuable nutrients.

Hayter recycling lawnmower
Hayter recycling lawnmower

The Hayter R53A Power-Driven Recycling Lawn Mower VS ES has Sens-A-Speed transmission and an aluminium deck.
This machine is equally at home on smooth rolling lawns and in the rougher edges around the edges and can mulch the clippings and where they break down to provide valuable nutrients.
But this model can also discharge to the side, particularly handy when dealing with longer grass.
This mower is particularly easy to manoeuvre as the Sens-A-Speed system matches the speed of the mower to your walking speed and allows you unrivalled control over the pace at which you mow.
Power comes from a Briggs & Stratton 190 cc engine which has an electric start and is very fuel efficient.
Cutting heights go from 25 mm to 114 mm and there is a 55 litre grass box.
It has a three year manufacturer’s warranty, free next working day delivery and costs £579, and that’s £120 less than the manufacturer’s recommended retail price.

Hayter recycling lawnmower
Hayter recycling lawnmower

And other similar machine from Hayter is the R53S power-driven recycling lawn mower VS ES which also has Sens-A-Speed transmission.
For those who want a really top class mower this one is an excellent buy with its ability to tackle all manner of grass cutting challenges particularly the mulching function, which is becoming ever more popular.
Again powered by a 190 cc Briggs& Stratton engine the special transmission which senses the speed at which you want to mow is really handy for cutting round garden obstacles.
With a steel deck for a long life and soft grip handlebars for comfort it is a really top class mower.
This mower costs £499 and that’s £100 off the manufacturer’s recommended price.
Delivery is free the next working day and there is a three year manufacturer’s warranty.
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