Ensure your trimmers are ready for topiary

Ensure your trimmers are ready for topiary
    The notoriously unpredictable British weather looks like it's been having a bit of a wobble of late, but with more summer sun around the corner, gardeners will be focusing on what tasks they can be getting to work with.

Indeed, more ambitious green-fingered Brits may also be thinking of undertaking some major work to introduce a new look to their property.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, professional gardener and author of Keeping a Few Hens in Your Garden Francine Raymond claimed that topiary is coming back in fashion.

She explained that she met a friend of a friend who turned out to be the editor of Topiary magazine. Despite being initially dismissive of the topic, she came to appreciate the importance of it.

"Green architecture has always formed the backbone of the best gardens – Levens Hall in Cumbria is the template," Ms Raymond remarked, adding: "Box, yew and bay [are] traditionally used for hedging."

They can also stand out and become an attractive garden feature in their own right, as in an article for The Sun News, Clemson master gardener Debbie Menchek claimed that some of the highlights of the Royal Horticultural Society's 2012 Chelsea Flower Show were clipped hedges.

Those who are thinking of getting some topiary for their own green space may wish to ensure that they are fully prepared by browsing MowDIRECT's selection of hedgetrimmers and hedgecutters.

Electric powered models are lightweight and easy to use, while petrol powered options offer more freedom of movement, as they do not require a cord – and could be perfect for more ambitious stylists.

"Snips can produce pleaching (pruning, twisting and training branches into hedges and barriers), stilt hedges and labyrinths; horticultural victims include hornbeam, lime, privet and Leyland Cyprus," Ms Raymond commented.

For this activity, it could also be worth having a look at our range of tree pruners.

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