Gardens ‘highly important to wildlife’

While there are many different pleasures people can enjoy by setting to work outdoors with the garden tools, there are also a number of advantages this pastime can offer the natural world.

For instance, it has been widely noted that gardens provide a vital green space for various forms of wildlife.

Indeed, Big Wildlife Garden Awards project manager for the Wildlife Trusts Morag Shuaib recently underlined the importance of this with regard to activity in the garden, advising against excessive pruning of perennials, as it could destroy the homes of insects.

However, a degree of tree pruning remains important to avoid plants from becoming infected with diseases.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, author of The Garden in the Clouds Antony Woodward suggested green spaces are becoming more important than ever.

"The once wild places that are fragile and threatened and the garden has become the final resort for such once-common creatures as the sparrow, starling and honey bee," he commented.

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