Three top value lawn tractors with a host of useful extras

It’s about this time of year that many of you will wish you owned a lawn and garden tractor, having struggled behind a conventional mower for hours on end.
Our own MD lawn and garden tractors offer unrivalled value for money, excellent performance and have a range of extra equipment at really keen prices which can change an ordinary mowing machine into a really handy all-year-round garden machinery.

MD Sprint lawn and garden tractor
MD Sprint lawn and garden tractor
The first model in our range is the MD Sprint Lawn & Garden Tractor designed to work on gardens around two acres 12 months of the year.
It has variable speed change on each of the seven gears to make it easy to drive; you’ll also find it has a very tight turning circle.
The enclosed engine is quiet and it is comfortable to drive as it has a sprung seat.
Used as a mower you will find it highly efficient in both wet and dry conditions and over all surfaces – a grass deflector allows you to deal with rougher areas once the grass box is removed.
All steel construction, disc brakes and twin headlamps for when it gets murky make this a real all rounder.
You would normally expect to pay £1899 for this machine but we have it on sale for just £1499. Delivery is free with three to five working days and there is a two year manufacturer’s guarantee.
But we have a range of attachments at special prices which turn all our garden tractors into year round performer.
Everyone wants a trailer for carting logs, manure, everything, around the garden.
Buy this machine and you can purchase a steel tipping trailer for just £99. You can also buy an MD towed steel roller for £129, a really handy piece of equipment.
And remember when the leaves start to fall, the hassle and hard work of clearing them away?
Well with this lawn and garden tractor you can buy a tow-behind leaf sweeper which brush leaves into a large container for just £149.
You can also buy a tow-behind broadcast spreader for £69 for when fertilizers and other treatments need to be applied.
And for when the lawn gets held back by dead grasses there is a dethatcher to let moisture and light through for £69.
We know you will not be able to beat the special prices we are offering on these really valuable attachments offered on this lawn and garden tractor or on the next two from the MD range.
MD Shuttle lawn and garden trailer
MD Shuttle lawn and garden trailer
So next on team sheet in the MD range of lawn and garden tractors is the MD Shuttle Lawn & Garden Tractor.
This model has six forward and six reverse gears and you can change gears on the move. Speed can be controlled through each of the gears giving you the exact speed appropriate for the task.
Combined with the tight turning circle it makes it easy to control in restricted areas or where you need to drive between obstacles or in orchards.
It has a pivoting front axle for evening out bumps and this will lead to a better cut.
Special blades scoop the cut grass into the grass box so that even when it’s wet clogging will be minimised.
The collection box is easy to lift off the back to save you time when fitting attachments.
This garden tractor is priced at £1699, £400 less than the manufacturer’s recommended price, it comes with a two year maker’s warranty and within three to five working days delivered free.
As well as the optional extras listed above you can also but a mulching kit with this tractor for £89 and a rear deflector kit for £119.
MD Estate lawn and garden tractor
MD Estate lawn and garden tractor
If you are fortunate enough to have larger grounds, say around two and a half acres, then the MD Estate Lawn & Garden Tractor is the one for you.
With a Briggs & Stratton engine and a large grass box it is suitable for really large lawns and like previous machines its design enables you to mow even when it’s wet and collect the grass with minimum clogging.
Cutting height is easily altered for when you go from lawn to rougher areas. And you can mow in comfort thanks to the adjustable sprung seat.
Seven forward and seven reverse gears which you can change on the go give you total control of the speed. And there is a tight turning circle and disc brakes to give an added sense of security.
You would normally expect to pay £2599 for such a machine but we have it on sale for £1999. Plus there is free delivery within three to five working days and a two year maker’s guarantee.
All the optional extras at the prices listed above are available making this a really versatile lawn and garden tractor.

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