Great value for money garden tractor attachments

Garden tractors have a hundred and one uses throughout the whole year and we have a range of attachments at great prices to make best use of the this valuable machine throughout the whole year.

Garden trailer
Garden trailer

The first you will want to buy will be a really good trailer to tow around the garden during the year.
The MD 272PT Tow/Push Dump Cart is currently on special offer and can be used with any make of garden tractor and comes with a hitch pin.
It has a polypropylene body and can be used around the garden for carting loads of wood, manure, waste to the compost heap, gravel, earth, almost anything.
It has large wheels and a strong axle and can carry loads of 500 lb. Internal measurements are 30.5 in by 41 in long.
It can be easily pushed around as it is light and easy to handle.
This trailer is currently on special offer at £129 – you would normally expect to pay £199 for a trailer like this.
Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

MD towed lawn roller
MD towed lawn roller

Another great attachment especially useful at the moment that the lawns are damp is a garden roller.
Our own MD 36T steel towed lawn roller is another great attachment from the MD range ideal for flattening down established lawns or levelling newly laid turf.
It has a width of 36 in and will give a really impressive finish. It comes with a pin and hitch and is suitable for any make of garden tractor.
It comes with free next working day delivery and a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
The cost is just £139 compared with the maker’s recommended price of £229.
With the leaves only just forming on many of the trees a leaf sweeper may not be the top of your mind but the sweeper will save you a lot of back breaking work in the autumn.

Tow behind leaf sweeper
Tow behind leaf sweeper

The MD 48T Tow-behind Leaf Sweeper is another top machine in the MD range and is easily fitted to any lawn tractor.
It has been designed to work on more or less any surface so as well as cleaning leaves from the lawn it can give a spring clean to barns, parking areas or shingle.
It is simple to change the working height of the machine to take account of this. The working diameter of the brushes is 25 cm and the working width is 122 cm.
This great little attachment can easily deal with larger areas of more than two acres and has a collection box of 500 litres and there is a simple lever to pull while still seated to empty it.
Big wheels mean it can handle rougher areas.
The special price for this really handy machine is just £219, there is free next working day delivery and it comes with a two year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Towable broadcast spreader
Towable broadcast spreader

You’ll need to keep your grounds healthy and looking their best and this is where the MD 80T Towable Broadcast Spreader comes into its own.
The hopper can hold 29 litres and has an even spreading width of 3 to 3.6 metres.
You can adjust the rate of spread via a lever which you can use from the seat of your lawn tractor.
Solidly built with a steel frame and polypropylene hopper it has a rain proof cover which fits over the cover.
As well as seed and fertilizer it can also spread salt melt and grit.
This very handy little attachment is only £79.95, comes with free next working day delivery and a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
And another really handy attachment is the MD 40T Tow-Behind Dethatching Rake to remove the rubbish from your lawn.
This keeps your lawn healthy and promotes fresh growth. It is 40 in wide and has 20 steel spring tines.
This really handy machine costs £69.95 including free next working day delivery and a two year manufacturer’s guarantee.

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