Vegetable gardens ‘do not need to take up too much space’

Editor of Amateur Gardening magazine Tim Rumball has claimed that it is possible to grow a decent vegetable garden without letting it take up too much space outside the house.

This can leave the green-fingered Brit plenty of room to grow other things or introduce a distinctive design to the space with their garden tools.

Indeed, this is likely to be a very popular option, as garden designer Jo Thompson recently claimed more and more people are looking at mixed planting options.

She explained this comes from a trend that has seen people view their green space as an extension of the home, so they want to make the most of it and really impose their own mark.

Ms Thompson specified that growing your own vegetables is a big hit at the moment, as it can be done in the smallest of spaces.

This very closely echoes the sentiments of Mr Rumball and he claimed that the perception you need a lot of space to grow vegetables is misplaced.

He asserted that it is even possible to do this on a windowsill by filling a pot with soil or compost and adding a few seeds.

It could be worth bearing this advice in mind, as it will give the gardener control over what kind of conditions crops are exposed to.

Mr Rumball advised setting aside a small space for this purpose outdoors, adding that this can really benefit the family's diet.

"The possibilities just grow from there – bigger garden plots mean bigger potential returns. What you have to remember is that gardening takes time and the more you put in, the more you get out. It has its own pace – much slower than everyday life for most people – and it's this slowing down that puts the gardener in a different place, more meditative, more thoughtful and ultimately, calmer," he commented.

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