Top machines from a leading manufacturer at special prices

Wolf-Garten is one of Europe’s leading and longest-established manufacturer’s of all types of garden machinery and hand tools and we currently have some of the best deals available on their lawnmowers.

Wolf-Garten CCPE 34E electric mower
Wolf-Garten CCPE 34E electric mower
The Wolf-Garten Expert 34E Electric Lawn Mower is a great little machine which gives the option between returning the clippings to the lawn, collecting them in the grass box or mulching them and returning them as a valuable nutrient.
A strong 1400 watt electric motor provides the power for this lightweight machine which is easy to use and has five cutting height options.
Ball bearing wheels contribute to a longer life. And there is an indicator to tell you when the grass box is full.
It also has a useful device to keep the power cable away from your feet and an anti-kink device to stop it tangling.
The manufacturer’s recommended price is £229 but we have it on sale for £189, with free next working day delivery and a three year manufacturer’s warranty.
Wolf-Garten CPPE 40E1 mower
Wolf-Garten CPPE 40E1 mower
Another machine with a special price at the moment is the Wolf-Garten Expert 40E Electric Lawn Mower.
This larger machine has a 40 cm cutting width and is designed to tackle both smooth lawns and the rougher areas of grass.
There is a wide range of cutting heights to cope with this, controlled by a single central lever.
It too has the three ways of dealing with the cut grass and there is a really large – 55 litre – grass box with a box full indicator.
Plus there is an extra long 20 metre cable to help you reach the furthest areas of the garden.
This machine is on special offer at £239, £40 less than the manufacturer’s recommended price and there is a three year warranty from the makers and free next working day delivery.
Wolf-Garten 40EA1 self-propelled mower
Wolf-Garten 40EA1 self-propelled mower
And another top machine from this German manufacturer is the Wolf-Garten Expert 40EA Self-Propelled Electric Lawn Mower.
It is very unusual to have an electric machine with self propulsion and this top of the range machine also has a two speed gear box, again very unusual for an electric machine which gives speeds of between 2.5 and 5 km an hour.
It too has the three cutting options, selected just by turning a switch, and a grass full indicator on the box.
Plus it is supplied with a 20 metre cable.
This machine is currently on offer at £279 compared with the manufacturer’s recommended £369.
Again there is a three year manufacturer’s warranty and free next working day delivery.

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