Nostalgic moods can be created in a garden

Nostalgic moods can be created in a garden
    Green-fingered Brits can use their garden tools in a wide variety of creative ways to build a space that evokes certain moods.

For instance, designer Jo Thompson's Caravan Club garden has been installed with the intention of celebrating all things British.

As such, it can produce a very nostalgic environment, which could be a source of inspiration for those who are looking for ideas to apply outside their own homes.

Furthermore, it could be a hit with neighbours, friends and family, which can be a particularly appropriate use of the area, as enterprise manager of the National Trust's Scotney Castle Joe Lloyd recently claimed gardening is a great way of bringing communities together.

Director of marketing for the Caravan Club Lawrence Bate welcomed the new work from Ms Bate.

"Her garden honours traditional planting, such as the sort of flowers you would find in the hedgerow while out walking, yet demonstrates the latest in garden design that is achievable in the home," he commented.

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