Gardens ‘can be uplifting’

Getting outside and giving the grass a trim with a lawn mower can be a relaxing experience, especially on a warm day.

However, there are also ways in which creatively ambitious gardeners can give their green space a really uplifting feel for everyone else to enjoy as well.

Davina Wynne-Jones, founder of, which offers workshops in the practical use of herbs, claimed that certain plants can generate this mood.

She recommended calendula, chamomile and Echinacea in particular for this purpose, citing the bright colours as being very appealing.

"Calendula is an orange flower which looks nice and cheerful in the garden. If you grow it in the summer, dry it and make a tea from it – it is uplifting," she commented.

Gardeners can also take inspiration from the traditions of other cultures, such as the vibrant green spaces nurtured in Hawaii, which were displayed at the Philadelphia Garden Show in the US.

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