Ten top brush cutters to tackle the rougher areas of the gardens

As the rains fall and the garden starts to flourish into life it’s time to look at the edges and paths as well as dealing with keeping grass in trim around trees and bigger shrubs.
Some of you may remember the hard work involved dealing with this with a garden hook or shears but a modern brushcutter will not only make this task easier but will make the finished job much neater.
We have compiled a list of ten of the top brushcutters for you to consider. But these are only a few of the vast selection on our site, so please consider all the options available before making your choice.
And if you want any more information please call our team on 08454 588905.

Einhell brush cutter
Einhell brush cutter
First on the list is the Einhell BG-BC Petrol Brushcutter which is currently on a special limited offer with a host of free extras.
The machine has a 25 cc engine with a manual fuel pump and electronic ignition for easy starting.
It can be used either as a strimmer or as a cutter as it has a 23 cm metal blade with four strong teeth.
It has bicycle style handlebars on which all the controls are mounted and a shoulder harness to make using it over longer periods easier.
This machine is currently on special offer at just £129 making it one of the best value for money models on the market. The recommended price from the manufacturer is £199.95.
Plus there is a free helmet with ear and faceguard, free gloves and a free handy mixing bottle.
Replacement line can be bought for just £19.99 for 130 metres.
Sanli brush cutter
Sanli brush cutter
Next comes the The Sanli GTS33 Petrol Brushcutter which has a two-stroke petrol engine which produces very low vibrations making it suitable for longer periods of work.
It has a 32.6 cc engine and a full crank, has dual bicycle style handlebars with power regulated by triggers fixed to them.
It has a two year guarantee and free next working day delivery.
It has both a line strimming head and a metal cutting blade for tougher work and is easy to start. It also has an automatic clutch and a harness to lessen back strain.
The machine costs £159, £40 off the manufacturer’s recommended price.
Additionally, safety helmet, visor and ear muffs can be bought for £19.95 and 90 metres of additional strimming line for £20.
Mountfield brush cutter
Mountfield brush cutter
Mountfield is our on-line partner and the MB2502 Petrol Brush Cutter is very easy to use as it has bicycle style handlebars for much better control especially over longer periods.
It is a very high performance machine with a reliable 25.6 cc 2-stroke engine and many professional features giving great value for money.
It is easy to start and has built in anti-vibration systems to reduce fatigue for longer periods of use.
It has both a tap and go automatic line feed head and a three toothed metal blade for rougher areas.
Our price is just £199, a saving of £150 on the manufacturer’s price. Plus you can but replacement strimming line, a safety helmet and ear muffs and visor and two stroke engine oil all at reduced prices.
There is free next working day delivery and a five year domestic warranty, two years for commercial use.
Tanaka line trimmer
Tanaka line trimmer
The Tanaka TBC-230S Line Trimmer is a similar lightweight machine designed principally as a strimmer but has several optional extras to give it more capabilities.
There is a hedge trimmer attachment which has a 22 in double sided dual reciprocating blade which can pivot 130 degrees to help dealing with hedge tops easier. Cost: £219.
Then there is a pruner attachment for lopping branches and dealing with thicker overgrown hedges. Buy the line trimmer and you get this for £149.
You can also buy a brushcutter blade for £10, 90 metres of strimming line for £20 and a safety helmet, ear muffs and visor for £19.95.
The price of the main machine is £219, a saving of £140. Delivery is free the next working day and there is a five year guarantee.
Mitox brush cutter
Mitox brush cutter
Next comes the Mitox 3600-UX Petrol Brushcutter with a ‘U’ handle.
The engine is a powerful 32.6 cc engine which drives a strong three-toothed metal blade for ripping through really thick undergrowth.
There is also a strimming head for lighter work like lawn edges.
Anti-shock cushions from the shaft to the handlebars keep vibrations to a minimum.
Price of this machine is £239, there is free next working day delivery and a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
Oleo-Mac brush cutter
Oleo-Mac brush cutter
Oleo-Mac is an Italian company making top quality garden machinery and Mowdirect has a special arrangement with this company.
The Oleo-Mac Sparta 380 T Heavy Duty Low Emission Brushcutter is designed to tackle heavy undergrowth like weeds and long grass in paddocks and orchards.
It has a 36.2 cc engine designed to use less fuel with fewer emissions and delivers high levels of torque even at low revs. A digital coil makes it easy to start and a clutch lessens wear and tear on the engine.
It also has lower vibration levels and cowhorn handles for ease of use especially when sweeping through tougher grasses.
There is also a padded harness included.
Special offers on spare strimming line, engine oil and a face shield, ear muffs and visor make this machine even more attractive.
The cost is £259, and that’s £120 less than the manufacturer’s recommended price plus there is a three year manufacturer’s warranty.
Husqvarna brush cutter
Husqvarna brush cutter
Another machine which can tackle really thick undergrowth is the Husqvarna 128RJ Petrol Brushcutter.
It is comfortable to use as it has a D-shaped handlebar and comes with a sturdy shoulder harness for longer periods of use. And it weighs just 4.8 kg.
The engine, which has the maker’s Smart Start technology, is a powerful 28 cc model.
It comes with a strong metal cutting blade and a strimming head which has a ‘bump feed’ feature.
This brushcutter costs £269, £30 less than the manufacturer’s price, delivery is free within two to three working days and there is a one year manufacturer’s warranty.
Honda brush cutter
Honda brush cutter
Now we’re getting into some seriously powerful models and the Honda UMK 425 UE 4-Stroke Brush Cutter has a four stroke engine giving better performance and fuel use.
There is also a solid drive shaft giving better use of the power it generates.
Weighing in at 5.43 kg it has bicycle style handlebars where the controls are grouped.
There is also a shoulder harness to make it easier and more comfortable to use.
It comes with a three toothed metal blade and strimming head and Honda includes free protective goggles as well.
This brush cutter is currently on special offer at £375, £55 less than the manufacturer’s recommended price and has a five year warranty. There are also special offers on strimming line and engine oil. Delivery is free the next working day
Efco professional brush cutter
Efco professional brush cutter
The Efco 8460 Professional Petrol Brushcutter is a machine made to tackle the heaviest of undergrowth like thick brambles and has a 45.7 cc very powerful engine which has been designed for prolonged heavy use. It has a 32 mm tube and steel crankshaft.
It comes with a full anti-vibration system and a full professional harness. And both a three point steel cutting blade and a strimming head made to take extra thick nylon line.
Easy and reliable to start, this is a real professional machine designed for testing use. The brushcutter costs £529 as opposed to the manufacturer’s recommended price of £663.83 and has free next working day delivery. There is a three year manufacturer’s warranty.
There are also special prices on spare line, 2-stroke oil and a professional face shield, ear muffs and visor.
Stihl clearing saw
Stihl clearing saw
And the final one on the list is the STIHL FS460 C-EM Professional Clearing Saw designed for the professional with challenging thick brush and grass to clear.
This machine has the latest electronic engine management system which adjusts timing and fuel and a special easy starting system. It has a special anti-vibration system for easier use over long periods as well.
Delivery is free within the next two to three working days and there is a one year manufacturer’s warranty.
This model is £725, a hefty discount on the manufacturer’s recommended £838.80.
But don’t forget you can call our team on 08454 588905 if you want any more information.

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