Literature can inspire gardeners

Literature can inspire gardeners
    Green-fingered Brits can look to a wide variety of sources for inspiration when searching for new ideas to apply to their garden.

Events like the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show are key events in the annual gardening calendar, but why not be more creative and think of something completely different?

For instance, the forthcoming Chelsea Flower Show is set to feature several gardens inspired by works of literature.

Tracey Foster has made a contribution entitled Welcome to Yorkshire, which celebrates the rugged rural landscapes immortalised in the novels of the Bronte sisters.

No doubt Ms Foster used a wide variety of garden tools to recreate the natural environs of the Haworth Hills.

More distinctive still is Tomaz Bavdez's Humko Garden, which is based on The Soft Machine by William Burroughs – an author more famous for the highly controversial Naked Lunch.

The title of the novel is a metaphor for the human body and Mr Bavdez has applied this to an ecosystem, whereby people can water the area by working out on an exercise bike.

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