Gardeners can take inspiration from public displays

Gardeners can take inspiration from public displays
    Green-fingered Brits could take ideas from public displays that they think could look good in their own gardens.

For instance, the Royal Horticultural Society's (RHS's) Garden Wisley is a 200-acre space that features an abundance of purple wisterias.

There is also an abundance of vibrant rhododendrons on Battleston Hill, which could encourage people to pick up their garden tools and attempt to recreate the look themselves.

Hedge trimmers and hedge cutters are essential for people who wish to maintain this kind of plant themselves and MowDIRECT has a wide range of petrol, electric and battery-powered options.

The RHS's garden is said to be a haven for bees and other pollinators, as it is also full of poppies and peonies.

This provides a backdrop to the Craft in Focus fair, which offers a showcase for the best of the nation's craftsmanship, which boasts a wide selection of original and affordable bespoke designs.

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