Mulching ‘can limit water loss’ in plants

Gardeners who want to ensure they are getting the most from their gardens in the spring time may wish to consider placing a fine layer of mulch around their plants' soil.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) note this can limit the amount of water that is lost through the soil.

This action will allow for a greater retention of moisture, which can make plants more durable in a wide range of challenging changes in the weather.

"Mulching plants regularly we have found is the best way to counteract the effects [of dry conditions]," commented curator of RHS Garden Wisley Colin Crosbie.

People who wish to take this action in their garden could have a look at MowDIRECT's range of chippers and shredders.

Many of these products are capable of recycling garden waste and transforming it into this valuable substance, which can maximise the efficiency of garden cuttings by removing the need to dispose of them in an unproductive fashion.

Climate conditions also need to be taken into account by people who are nurturing new plants, as these need to be kept freshly watered at all times throughout their first season, particularly if it is a dry period, as this can help them to become more tolerant to adverse weather later in their lives.

They are  best planted outdoors when they are still small, as this will also increase their resilience from a young age.

Furthermore, the longer roots have to explore the earth beneath the surface, the more prepared they will be for when dry weather arrives.

"Whatever gardeners do, they should avoid planting in new plants during dry periods. The effort in keeping them alive is just too great," explained MR Crosbie.

"All our gardeners at the four RHS Gardens would be happy to talk about helping plants survive dry conditions," he added.

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