Walls ‘can look great with plants’

Gardeners who are looking for new ideas about how to brighten up the exterior of their home could try growing a climbing plan on the wall.

This is the advice of public relations manager at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Alan Jaffe, who stated this is a particularly positive measure for people who live in a relatively built-up environment.

"You can plant fantastic gardens on a wall," he commented, adding building vertically is a strong alternative to planting horizontally.

People who wish to take advantage of this advice may wish to browse MowDIRECT's range of tree pruners.

A variety of pole pruners are available, which could be a good choice for those who wish to grow wall climbing plants, as these enable the individual to keep their home looking trim from the relative safety of the ground.

Mr Jaffe also recommended people looking for new ideas as to how to use their garden tools keep an eye on flower shows.

He explained this is one of the key purposes of such events, with different occasions focusing on front yards, back yards or other specialities.

It was also suggested that anyone can be a gardener, provided "you do what is right for your space [and] you do what is appealing to you".

The expert advised people to use their available space to full effect, in addition to thinking about "what type of plants are best in the environment that you live in".

"How much sun or shade your yards have and whether you are living in an urban environment, suburban or rural [area] determines what types of plants you put in," Mr Jaffe commented.

Greater numbers of UK adults could be seeking to take this action anyway, as the Royal Horticultural Society recently expressed optimism the first ever National Gardening Week – which runs from April 16th to the 22nd – will nurture a passion for the pastime in more people than ever before.

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