Log splitters can save hours of time – and an aching back

The snow and ice are departing at long last from most of the country meaning we can get back into the gardens again at.
And now is the time to tackle the pile of logs and tree trunks and turn them into valuable fire wood.
If you have anything other than the smallest pile of felled wood you need a log splitter to save the strain on your back.
We have a wide range on our site and here we have selected three which are of especially good value.

Einhell log splitter
Einhell log splitter
There is a really good special offer on a basic electrically powered machine, the Einhell BT-LS 44 Electric Log Splitter available for just £169, a huge saving on the manufacturer’s recommended price of £299.99.
This German manufacturer has a reputation for well-engineered products and this log splitter has a strong electric motor which can handle logs up to 150 mm in diameter and 370 mm long.
A hydraulic ram forces the wood against a splitting wedge, and there is a protective shield as an extra safety measure. It also needs both hands to operate it – another safety measure.
It also has wheels and a handle to make it easy to move around and solid support legs.
Einhell vertical log splitter
Einhell vertical log splitter
Another machine from the same manufacturer, the Einhell BT-LS 610 Log Splitter is a stronger machine but still at a remarkably low price of £439.95, well over £250 less than the manufacturer’s recommended price.
Exclusive to us at Mowdirect, this model will handle wood up to 320 mm in diameter and 1040 mm long.
Height adjustment is quick and easy and it has a massive splitting force of 6 tons making it a real fast worker dealing with hard seasoned wood.
It has a 2200 watt electric motor, and logs are held in place with two clamps. Again two hands are needed to operate this splitter – a worthwhile safety feature.
Transport wheels and a strong handle make it easy to move around.
And it has a two year manufacturer’s guarantee and can be delivered within two to three days using our premium delivery service.
Ardisam log splitter
Ardisam log splitter
But if you want a really powerful professional machine the Ardisam W1265V 12-Tonne Petrol Log-Splitter with a Viper engine could be what you’re looking for.
Perfect if you have a really large pile of wood to split it has 12 tonnes splitting force and is powered by a four stroke 196 cc Viper engine making it more reliable and cheaper to run than two-stroke models.
It can deal with logs up to 21 in and has a double height splitter which can be set to a lower height when towing and raised when in use.
Again two hands are needed to operate the machine – a worthwhile safety feature.
This splitter is £949, £60 less than the manufacturer’s recommended price, and comes with free delivery within two to three days and a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

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