Do not panic! Snow blowers can make clearing snow an easy and fun job

Panic screamed one Sunday newspaper headline as the first heavy snowfall hit the majority of the country.
But with modern snow clearing equipment widely available there is no need for house owners or businesses to shut up shop these days.
Modern snowblowers will now enable you to keep your paths and drives snow free and business going.
Simple domestic snow blowers are inexpensive, easy to use and can save you hours of work with a snow shovel.

Alpina snow blower
Alpina snow blower
For instance, the Alpina Single-Stage Electric Snow Blower is on sale for just £179, and has a rubber revolving auger which breaks up the snow which is then thrown clear through a chute which rotates through 180 degrees.
It has a strong electric motor and a 10 metre cable and is easy to use as the rubber auger propels the machine forward. It also very easy to steer.
It has free delivery and a one year manufacturer’s guarantee.
If you have business premises, long drives and forecourts to keep free of snow then the MD SnowCAT 2-stage Snow Blower with Caterpillar Tracks could well be what you’re looking for.
Priced at £1199, it is £700 less than the manufacturer’s recommended price and comes with free delivery and a one year manufacturer’s warranty.
Powered by a 270 cc engine it has excellent grip provided by caterpillar tracks and is very manoeuvrable.
The heavy duty impellor will blow the snow through a chute operated by a joystick on the handlebars and it can deal with 21 in of snow.
Electric start and a headlight are additional features on this machine which offers really excellent value for money.
Einhell manual snow plough
Einhell manual snow plough
But if you want a small simple push machine to keep the snow off the paths and small drives the Einhell MSF 570 Manual Snow Plough is probably what you’re after.
Available for just £39.95, it is so easy to use – the auger revolves as you push it along moving the snow to one side and out of the way. And what’s more it is £60 off the manufacturer’s recommended price.
Make sure you have a look at our site as there is a wide range of snow blowers and snow ploughs available for virtually any premises.

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