Professional salt spreader at a bargain price

We may well be heading for one of the mildest Januarys on record but winter still has her claws into us and there will be many slippery paths and roads to come before Spring definitely arrives.

MD Professional Salt Spreader
MD Professional Salt Spreader
To keep ice free you need a hard working professional salt spreader and the MD Pro-125P Professional Salt Spreader will prove a worthwhile investment especially at the bargain price of £199.
This hard wearing machine is designed so it won’t stiffen up with age and has a metal frame and stainless steel gearing.
It has precision control for even distribution and adjustable side flaps to prevent wastage in confined spaces. The spreading width is 10 to 12 ft and the really large hopper contains up to 60 litres and comes with a transparent cover to keep out the weather and enable you to see how much is left. Large pneumatic tyres make it easy to push.
This offers exceptional value for money for the performance it provides and comes with free next working day delivery and a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

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