Powerful scarifier the key to a better looking lawn

A walk across the lawn at this time of the year is quite revealing for in many areas the worms are doing their business and there is evidence of their work in the number of worm casts – excellent for letting the air get to the roots.

Einhell petrol scarifier
Einhell petrol scarifier
But the amount of moss in lawns shows no sign of abating and this milder winter has encouraged its growth.
You may also see a layer of thatch over the lawn which needs to be removed to allow the light to get through and promote healthy new growth.
Anyone who has ever tried raking the moss and thatch out of a lawn will tell you what hard work it is and a machine which can make life a lot easier is the Einhell BG-SC 2240P Petrol Lawn Scarifier currently on special offer at £279, £200 off the manufacturer’s recommended price.
Engineered in Germany and with a two year manufacturer’s guarantee this scarifier will easily remove moss and thatch to allow the grass to grow again more vigorously.
This scarifier has a 45 litre container for all the rubbish which comes out and has a strong 118 cc petrol engine.
It also has six height settings and a 40 cm working width will help you complete the task quickly.
Large wheels make it easy to manoeuvre and protect the lawn and the handles fold down making it easy to store and carry in the boot of your car.
Once the lawn start to grow in the Spring you should start to scarify your lawn and then repeat the process regularly when the grass if growing.

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