Gardening “more important than politics”

Gardening "more important than politics"
    Brits who get to work in their gardens with lawn mowers could be doing much more important work than politicians.

This has been suggested by television presenter and celebrity gardener Aland Titchmarsh, who described his favourite pastime as being of greater significance than the work of ministers.

Speaking to the listings magazine the Radio Times, he argued this is the case because the green world holds "a consistent point of view".

He was asked if his concerns hold greater relevance than the BBC's flagship news programme Newsnight.

"[It is] much more important. Tomorrow, Newsnight will have different stories and priorities," he responded.

When explaining what this consistent standpoint was, he said it is "that a piece of ground should be cherished".

Gardeners who do hold their grass in such high regard may wish to take measures to protect their soil from potential rain and frost damage throughout the colder winter season.

MowDIRECT have a wide range of chippers and shredders that recycle garden waste and turn it into a valuable mulch that could be ideally suited to this purpose.

Indeed, Titchmarsh also recently advocated the use of mulch, in addition to forking over the earth between plants as spring arrives, which is particularly relevant advice for those areas where shrubs are growing.

He also expressed concern young people are missing out on the opportunity to learn more about the world of nature, citing the overexposure of screen-based entertainment as one of the most significant factors in this trend.

"There is a greater world out there that people can't see because they're glued to a screen," Titchmarsh stated, adding: "Gardening is the stuff of life. It's about putting a seed in the ground and making it grow."

The outdoors were also praised for being relatively unchanging, with the expert claiming there is no significant difference between the countryside now, compared with how it was 200 years ago.

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