Winter ‘a good opportunity to tidy the garden’

People may find the range of tasks they can perform with garden equipment in winter is limited, but there are still jobs that can be done.

Principal horticultural advisor at the Royal Horticultural Society Leigh Hunt said "winter is a relatively dormant time in the garden", explaining it is not advisable to dig into ground that is frozen or wet.

However, he added patches of mild conditions provide an opportunity to do some tidying.

Grass will continue to grow, the expert noted, particularly in instances of more seasonable weather.

Lawn mowers may still come in use as a result of this possibility and Mr Hunt claimed "it is not unusual for the grass to need cutting throughout the winter, even around Christmas time".

"Prepare – clear and dig – vegetable beds for next year and undertake construction work, such as making raised beds," he suggested.

Mulching could be an option those who wish to undertake this task could consider.

If this is the case, MowDIRECT offers a range of tree shredders that can recycle garden waste and may be ideally suited to this purpose.

Environmental magazine the Ecologist stated this is an essential job to cover plants with a nutritious layer of insulation and some plants such as dahlias need a particularly dense layer of protection.

Mr Hunt also said it remains important not to walk on the lawn too often as it can compact the grass and make it patchy.

However, he stated milder conditions than usual are causing apples, exochorda, primroses and other plants that usually bloom in spring to produce blossoms much earlier than expected.

"The plants are taking advantage of the favourable conditions, trying to flower and set seed," he explained, reassuring any concerned gardeners it is unlikely to affect spring blossoms and will ensure another generation of the flowers. 

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