Chainsaws make a brilliant Christmas present

Present buying gets more difficult as the years go on, and we think this year more practical presents, especially for the gardener, will be appreciated.
Chainsaws are now a gardening essential and here are three for your Christmas present shortlist which anyone would appreciate.

Einhell chain saw
Einhell chain saw
If you want to buy a simple machine the The Einhell BG-EC 1840 TC Electric Chain Saw would make a good choice. And at £69 it is £30 less than the manufacturer’s recommended price.
Easy to use and ideal for the novice, it has a simple chain tensioner to keep working efficiently and is ideal for sawing logs and trimming overhanging branches on trees and thick hedges.
A highly efficient brake stops the chain very quickly in case of kick back and there is a guard to protect the hand should the chain break – a very unusual occurrence.
There is also a gauge on the oil tank to help you keep an eye on the chain oil level.
Oleo-Mac electric chainsaw
Oleo-Mac electric chainsaw
Another excellent electric chainsaw is the Oleo-Mac OM2000E which we have on exclusive special offer for £99.95, a huge saving of £80 on the manufacturer’s recommended price.
A more powerful machine with a 16 in chain bar this one has a safety thermal cut out which stops the machine overheating. It also has anti-vibration dampers to make it less tiring to use.
Safety is again of prime concern as there is a braking system to stop the chain if there is a kickback and an inertia brake as well.
There is also a palm operated safety switch to prevent accidental start-up. Light in weight, the machine comes with 10 metres of cable.
Efco petrol chainsaw
Efco petrol chainsaw
If you are feeling a little more generous then the Efco MT3500 Petrol Chainsaw with a 14 in guide bar would make a smashing present, especially as it has a host of extras with it.
High powered and hard working, it has a 38.9 cc two-stroke well designed engine with a catalytic converter and sound muffler to keep emissions low and sound to a minimum.
The engine is isolated from the main body of the machine and both fuel tank and oil tank are transparent to help you keep an eye on levels.
This machine comes with free helmet, visor and ear muffs worth £29.95, free chainsaw gloves worth £24.95and a litre of chain oil and fuel mixing bottle both free.
There are also other extras which you can buy at discounted prices.
The Efco costs £199.95, a saving of £85 on the manufacturer’s recommended price.

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