Christmas presents to deal with the snow

Christmas present buying is the annual impossible challenge which gets harder the older you get.
So here are some suggestions to ease you friends’ and relations’ passages through the winter – presents for which they will be truly grateful year after year.
Snow is currently forecast for Scotland and parts of northern England but today it is easier to shift the wretched stuff and we have everything to make life easier from a simple specialist snow shovel to a snow blower to keep drives and forecourts clear.

Garant snow shovel
Garant snow shovel
First, a simple snow shovel from Canadian maker Garant. Its clever design means it can be used both as a shovel and a pusher and its 18 in width means it will pick up a real big load of snow each time – much better than an ordinary garden spade.
It has a robust wooden handle and a heavy duty plastic shovel for effectiveness and long life.
It costs just £25 and will prove a sound investment when the snow starts falling.
Now you may think that snow ploughs are the preserve of local authorities but here’s a really clever invention from German engineering company Einhell.
As you push it along the MSF 570 Manual Snow Plough’s revolving auger moves the snow to one side after it has been lifted up by a front bar.
It has a 57 cm working width and is ideal for clearing snow from small drives or paths.
Both blade and auger are made from heavy duty plastic for long life. And another great thing about this machine is that it costs £49.95, 50 per cent off the manufacturer’s normal retail price.
Stiga electric snow blower
Stiga electric snow blower
But the latest thing in snow clearing for the home owner is to own your own snow blower and this Stiga Snow Electric Single-Stage Snow Blower is the latest piece of trendy garden machinery.
Plug it in, push the button and off you go, it’s really that simple. Its rubber bladed auger clears right down to the path with a clearing width of 45 cm – and it can deal with snow to a depth of 25 cm.
The broken up snow is projected through a shoot which can rotate 180 degrees to where you want to dump it.
The cost is £179, £20 off the manufacturer’s price, and free delivery is the next working day.
McCulloch snow blower
McCulloch snow blower
A slightly more powerful machine is the McCulloch SB121 Single-Stage Petrol Snow Blower. It has a 208 cc petrol engine, a working width of 54 cm and is ideal for clearing paths, small drives and business forecourts and parking areas. It has a large fuel tank and the handle is easily folded to make transportation easy in the back of a medium sized vehicle.
At £399, it is a full £100 off the manufacturer’s recommended price.

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