Vertical splitters make light work of the thickest logs

This is the time of year when log splitters really prove their worth and many of you will have envied a neighbour or a friend who has one.
If you have a large pile of old logs to split, like old fallen branched from old oak trees you will need a strong machine which can deal with the job quickly.
Vertical log splitters while being a bit more expensive are much stronger and can get the job done more quickly and are a worthwhile investment if you have a large quantity of wood to be split.

Einhell electric log splitter
Einhell electric log splitter
The Einhell BT-LS 610 Log Splitter is exclusive to Mowdirect at just £439.95 and huge saving on the manufacturer’s price of £699.99.
Benefitting from German design and engineering, this machine can be quickly adjusted to cater for the size of long you want to split and has a six ton splitting force.
Powered by a 2200 watt electric motor, it has a two handed safety switch to ensure your hands are always out of the way when the machine is operating.
A strong base gives greater stability and transport wheel make it easy to move closer to the log pile.
This machine has a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee.
Another value-for-money vertical log splitter is the Lawnflite LS65P Petrol Vertical Log Splitter which at £799 is £150 less than the manufacturer’s recommended price.
Easier to move around than a machine which relies on electricity for power, this machine has an easy-to-start 6.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine which produces 7 tons of splitting power.
This is really important when dealing with tough wood to split like twisted oak or holly.
It can cope with heavy duty work on a large garden or small estate and can cope with logs up to 32 cm in diameter and 104 cm long.
A handle and transport wheel make it easy to move around.
Lawnflite log splitter
Lawnflite log splitter
And from the same stable comes the Lawnflite LS80P Vertical-Type Petrol Log-Splitter an altogether more powerful machine at £949, £200 less than the manufacturer’s price.
This model has 10 tons of splitting power and is powered by an engine from MTD, which is quiet running and very reliable.
Easily adjustable depending on the size of logs to be split it is ideal for small estates and can easily be transported around gardens and estates.
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