Special package to help beat the snow and ice

Now is the time to prepare for the snow and ice which regularly paralyses business and local authorities throughout the country.
More organisations both in the private and public sectors now seem to be willing to battle against the elements rather than simply give up and shut up shop.
Snow and ice treatment packageSo here’s a special package deal to make sure you’re one of these who will not be defeated by the weather.
Car parks, paths and forecourts can be more easily kept ice and slush free nowadays thanks to simple spreaders and good non-toxic ice melt.
We have put together the perfect package to tackle the problem. The winter snow and ice treatment package provides all you need to beat the winter freeze and costs just £299, a huge saving on the normal price of £364.95.
The package includes the MD 80P walk behind spreader, normal cost £89.95, a simple little machine which spreads ice treatment and which is quite big enough to deal with forecourts, parking areas, drives and paths.
It has a capacity of 80 lb and the flow rate can be adjusted depending on the area to be treated. It can spread to a width of three metres and has proper pneumatic tyres for excellent grip.
Also with this package are ten 10 kg bags of Magic Ice Melt which normally cost £250.
This product is used worldwide by airports and is non toxic and will not corrode metal or concrete or damage grass or plants.
And for when the going gets extra tough also in the package is an 18 in Garrant Large snow shovel which normally costs £25.
Garrant is a Canadian company which has been in business for 115 years – they know a bit about snow in Canada – and this snow shovel is simple, lightweight well made a perfect for the job.
But it’s not only a shovel but can be used to push snow out of the way, a usefel tool for clearing really heavy falls.
There is also the option with this package of buying ten extra 10 kg bags of magic ice melt for £200 (a saving of £50) or 20 extra bags for just £300.
You can also buy an additional five shovels for £100, a saving of £25.

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