Top garden hand tools to ease the autumn clear up

This is one of the busiest times of year for the gardener so a quick word of advice: don’t be tempted to skimp on the autumn clean-up of the beds and borders.
Prune and trim back perennials and give the ground a good dig over between shrubs and then apply a good mulch around the roots and you will reap the benefit next Spring with healthier growth and better blooms.
Weeds left over winter will grow back in the Spring stronger than ever to suffocate plants and shrubs.
Wolf-GARTEN secateursThere are certain garden tools that are essential for the autumn, starting with solid reliable secateurs.
Cheaper ones can tend to fall apart so invest in a pair that are of a good quality and will last like those from Wolf-GARTEN. And Anvil Secateurs are made to deal with stronger woods to be trimmed.
There is a wide range to choose from depending on how deft you need to be and how big your hands are and they are made to last for years.
You need a real solid garden fork well made and one that will last for years – don’t be tempted to stint with a cheaper one.
The Wolf-GARTEN traditional digging fork, at £45, is made with tough steel and wood, and comes with a lifetime guarantee.
Wolf-GARTEN forkTough, traditional, strong and comfortable it is the one garden tool you will need more than any other.
But there are a host of other tools the gardener needs in his armoury and this is where their any tool fits any handle range comes into its own.
Wolf-GARTEN manufacturers 50 different tools with 11 different lengths of handle designed to take the back ache out of gardening and to ensure that as far as possible you can work at the height to suit you.
Browse their catalogue on-line to see the huge range of time-saving tools now available. You’re certain to find a handy garden tool with the right handle to suit any purpose in your garden.

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