Win a leaf sweeper in our free autumn competition

The colours of autumn are just about at their best now epitomised by the wonderful flurries of golden leaves blown from the branches by the recent strong winds.
And while they may look beautiful, gardeners know that sooner or later the leaves will have to be swept up.
So here’s your chance to appreciate the beauties of the season by showing us your prowess as a photographer and to win an invaluable autumn timesaver.
Whoever takes the best photograph will receive an MD Sweep 26 leaf sweeper, our own ingenious little machine for sweeping fallen leaves from lawns and drives, patios and paths.
Just send your photographs of autumnal scenes to our Facebook page. We will then decide on the winning entry, which will be posted on the Facebook page.

MD Leaf Sweeper
MD Leaf Sweeper

The MD Sweep 26 Lawn and Leaf Sweeper is a great little machine which sweeps leaves and other small garden debris into a collector ready for the compost heap.
It can save hours of hard work with a tined rake and can also be used in outbuildings and around pools and patios. A truly versatile machine for autumn which can save the busy gardener hours of time.
Have a look on our site at our huge range of garden equipment for keeping the leaves at bay.
And keep your eyes peeled for the classic sites of autumn – falling leaves, the first white frosts on the lawn or even a squirrel foraging for his winter larder.
They say a picture is worth 1000 words. Now it could also be worth a really good prize.

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