Turn garden debris into a valuable mulch

With the first sharp frosts of the winter you really can’t put off clearing up the flower beds and shrubberies much longer and also clearing away the odd small branches and twigs.
And whereas we used to put them on a bonfire which burned and smouldered away, sometimes for days, there are machines which can now chip and shred this garden rubbish to a valuable mulch which can be spread back on to the beds or put on to the compost heap.

Einhell electric shredder
Einhell electric shredder
There is a wide range of chippers and shredders now available like the Einhell BG-RS 2540CB Silent Electric Shredder on special offer at £179, a massive 50 per cent off the manufacturer’s recommended price.
The design of this machine means that you can simply lower the branches or other waste in to the top of the machine and the roller cutter will then draw them through, saving huge amounts of time.
It is ideal for built-up areas as it is comparatively quiet but still strong enough to take hard wood up to 40 mm in diameter. The shredded debris goes into a 60 litre removable collection bin to enable you to put the shredded end product back on to the garden as a valuable winter mulch or straight on to the compost heap.
It also has transport wheels and a handle so you can take the machine to where it is needed in the garden.
If you need a more powerful machine, the Ardisam Earthquake CS6V Petrol Chipper-Shredder is on special offer and just £579, £120 less than the manufacturer’s recommended price.
Fast and super efficient, this machine has a 6 hp engine and can handle branches up to 2 in in diameter.
There is also an optional vacuum kit to attach to the machine to speed up the whole autumn clean-up.
The Earthquake comes with a free 70 litre collection bag and has a low centre of gravity and transport wheel to make it easy to move across uneven ground.
MD Chip n' Shred
MD Chip n' Shred
And for a real heavy duty machine you will not find any better value for money product than our own MD Chip ‘N’ Shred Petrol Chipper Shredder which at £529.95 is over £200 less than any equivalent model.
Petrol powered, it will break down small branches, leaves and twigs using a strong flywheel disc with flail blades and separate shredder knives. And it has a transport wheel and a convenient handle to make it easy to move around the garden.
There are also a number of accessories absolutely free – replacement shredding blades, cloth collection bag, goggles and ear muffs.
If you need any more advice, please call our team on 08454 588905.

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