Machines designed to tackle the white stuff

As each day passes more forecasts arrive warning of a bitter winter, so now is the time to plan ahead for that wretched white stuff.
And that’s where an ingenious little machine engineered in Germany could prove a godsend when the snow arrives.

Einhell manual snow plough
Einhell manual snow plough
Snow ploughs used to be the preserve of local authorities but now the Einhell MSF 570 Manual Snow Plough can keep drives and paths clear at home.
This little push along machine uses a concave blade and an augur to push the snow to one side and saves hours of back-breaking work with a snow shovel.
It has a working width of 57 cm and built so you don’t have to bend while pushing it along.
Light and very effective it has a two year manufacturer’s guarantee and costs just £49.95, £50 off the recommended retail price.
If you have bigger areas to clear then the Mountfield Manor 95H Two-Wheeled Snow Plough is what you’re after.
Strong, quiet and smooth to run it has a reliable Honda engine and costs just £848, £80 off the manufacturer’s recommended price.
Mountfield snow plough
Mountfield snow plough
Made with a heavy blade 85 cm wide with a flexible rubber scraper strip, it can clear snow right ‘back to black’.
The blade can be adjusted to clear snow either to the left or right. Deep tread on the pneumatic wheels offer good traction and is has forward and reverse gears.
Other attachments are available to make maximum use of this machine throughout the year.
For instance a front sweeping brush can be bought to deal with lighter falls of snow or sweeping away leaves twigs of litter.

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