Top chainsaw deals for the autumn

A good chain saw can save you hours of work sawing away at old branches to convert them to wood for the fire and here are three excellent buys which will prove a sound investment.
The Sanli_CE2200_Electric_Chainsaw has a really top spec and a host of extras all at very special prices.

Sanli electric chainsaw
Sanli electric chainsaw

A real market leader, this saw has a 45 cm chain bar it can easily deal with medium sized logs and be used for tree pruning.
It has a powerful 2200 w motor and a high chain speed. It also has an auto chain-tensioning dial to avoid serious wear and auto chain lubrication.
Also it comes with an extra long cable. It is ideal for use in built-up areas as it is much quieter but still has a very high performance.
The machine is just £89, £20 off the manufacturer’s recommended price.

The Talon 4016 Petrol Chain Saw has a 16″ guide bar and is on special offer at just £119.95, £80 off the manufacturer’s recommended price.
And what’s more it comes with a free chainsaw helmet with visor and ear muffs.

Talon 4016 chainsaw
Talon 4016 chainsaw

The 40 cc 2-stroke engine has a chromium plated cylinder and has been engineered for a long life.
It is also more comfortable to use with a spring-mounted anti-vibration system, a highly efficient chain brake and a safety shield to protect the hands and a safety lock so it cannot be started accidentally.
There is also an automatic chain oiler and a chain tensioning dial, normally only found on more expensive machines.
There are also a host of special offers available when buying this Talon saw including gloves, chain saw oil, spare chain loop, spare chain saw and guide bar plus a device for sharpening the chain automatically and you can even buy our own basic saw horse for just £29.95.
Another top value for money machine is the Einhell RBK-4645 Petrol Chain Saw Petrol Chain Saw with an 18 in guide bar on special offer at £129.95, a massive saving on the recommended price of £279.95.
This is the lowest priced model in its class and comes with the benefit of German engineering.
The power comes from a 46 cc 2-stroke engine which has electronic ignition for quicker and easier starting.

Einhell RBK 4645 Chainsaw
Einhell RBK 4645 Chainsaw

Safety features include a chain brake and chain guard for protection in the event of the chain breaking.
There is also a chain catch to stop the chain from jumping off the cutter rail.
As a special offer, a free chainsaw safety helmet worth £29.95, two stroke mixing bottle, 2-stroke oil and a chain file together worth over £10 are included.

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