Do your bit to save the conker

MD Sweep 26
MD Sweep 26
We all know that clearing leaves is important to let the light through to lawns and flower beds, but clearing leaves from one particular tree is now more important than ever.
You may have noticed the leaves on the horse chestnut trees turning brown and falling earlier than ever due to a disease being spread from Greece and Macedonia.
You can do your bit by clearing the leaves of the horse chestnut as soon as possible and either burning them or putting them on the compost pile.
This will help prevent the spread of the disease and help preserve our conker trees.
After all remember the devastation of our great elm trees a few years ago.
We have a massive selection of leaf blowers, vacs and sweepers, from simple hand pushed sweepers like the MD Sweep 26, costing £89.95 to self-propelled machines which vac and shred garden waste.

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