Get ready for winter with our new electric generators!

Get ready for winter with our new electric generators!
    Keen gardeners who will still be spending time outdoors this winter in spite of the cooler weather may want to invest in a portable generator.

MowDIRECT has two petrol-powered versions available, with prices starting at under £130!

The Sanli GS720 Portable Petrol Generator, priced at £129, uses a two-stroke engine and can produce a maximum of 720w of power, making it ideal for use in a workshop, on camping trips or in the garden.

It comes with a two-year guarantee and the compact design means it is easy to move around and can fit into even the most cramped shed or workshop to power a heater or radio.

Alternatively, the Sanli GS2400 may be more suited to those who require a little more power, as its four-stroke engine can generate as much as 2,000w of power.

Priced at £249, it can run for more than ten hours thanks to its 15-litre fuel tank and an oil safety cut out is built in to prevent the engine becoming damaged if the oil level runs low.

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