New electric-powered garden-blower vac with shredding blades!

New electric-powered garden-blower vac with shredding blades!
    Gardeners with an excess of leaves on their lawn in the autumn months may wish to invest in the Sanli BEV2400 Electric Blower Vacuum.

This powerful electric machine is designed especially for big leaf clear-ups and is available for just £59 from MowDIRECT!

Left lying around, leaves block sunlight for grass and encourage fungus growth and worms.

If collected and mulched they can be much more useful, which is where the BEV2400 Electric Blower Vacuum comes in.

Featuring a 2400W motor, it can blow leaves at a rate of 270kph.

It is just as powerful in suction mode, with an intake ratio of 12cu m per second and also boasts metal shredding blades, unusual for most models in this price range.

At a lightweight 2.4kg, it is easy and comfortable to use and features underside wheels, making it usable in the same fashion as an indoor vacuum cleaner.

Other useful features include ten metres of cable and a 40 litre capacity collection bag. 

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