New 22 Ton tow-behind log splitter exclusive to MowDIRECT!

New 22 Ton tow-behind log splitter exclusive to MowDIRECT!
    Gardeners who want to avoid spending long winter hours chopping wood outdoors could invest in the MD Forest King.

At just £1,299, this is the lowest priced product in its class and is exclusive to MowDIRECT!

The MD Forest King 22 Ton Log Splitter is a tow-behind model that can cut through all types of wood quickly and efficiently.

With a rigid steel frame and large pneumatic transport wheels, the machine is ideal for both estate and off-road use and sports a retractable support leg for transport.

A control valve grants instant control over the chopping action. Wedge wings and a taper make splitting simple for the heavy-duty device, which features a cover for protection when not in use.

When in the horizontal position, a six inch-wide steel-flange-beam cradles the log without the need for operator assistance. A tipping mechanism also makes vertical cutting an option.

MowDIRECT provide a pre-delivery inspection, which means your product will be delivered fully assembled tested and ready to use. 

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