Buy this low priced quiet shredder for just £179.95!

Buy this low priced quiet shredder for just £179.95!
    People who find they have more garden waste to shred than usual as the autumn leaves pile high may want to consider investing in the Einhell BG-RS 2540CB Shredder.

This high-quality machine runs at low noise, features an advanced roller cutting unit and is available for a 50 per cent discounted price of £179.95 from MowDIRECT!

The Einhell BG-RS 2540CB Shredder has a unique design that enables large quantities of material to be fed into its capacious opening with little effort as the roller cutter will automatically draw the waste through.

Its 250W motor can accommodate branches of up to 40mm in diameter and can handle hard wood.

A removable 60-litre collection unit saves makes the effort of having to clear up messy piles of waste unnecessary and a switch automatically cuts the engine when the box is removed.

Jamming will not be a problem as a reverse feed switch will unblock any lodged materials. 

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