New low priced backpack leaf blowers from Sanli!

New low priced backpack leaf blowers from Sanli!
    Estate owners or gardeners looking to prepare for autumn when the trees will shed their greenery should invest in the Sanli BSB33 Backpack Leaf Blower, which is available for a new low price.

Costing £159 including VAT, the machine is down from £199 and has a host of top features which are only usually found in the top-range of models.

It features a 1.2HP, single cylinder, air cooled two-stroke engine with a capacity of 33cc, while it will also blows away dirt, debris and dust to clean up the chosen area.

The machine only consumes a low amount of fuel, while being good to the environment with reduced emissions.

Users will benefit from the backpack-style harness which spreads the weight of the machine and ensures that gardeners can use it for a decent length of time in comfort.

The air stream is manually directable, while a two-year guarantee provides peace of mind when using the machine.

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