Clear a garden with the Echo ES-255ES ‘Shred N’ Vac’ Petrol Blower-Vacuum

With autumn just around the corner, gardeners will soon see leaves falling on to their lawns, which the Echo ES-255ES 'Shred N' Vac' Petrol Blower-Vacuum will help to clear.

The unit is £299 from Mow DIRECT, a reduction on the RRP of £346.80!

With this, gardeners can clean up fallen leaves and litter so much quicker than they can by sweeping or raking, completing the job within minutes instead of hours!

The machine boasts a highly-controllable jet of air that can even shift wet leaves out of flower beds, lawns and drives.

Users can also use the precise fingertip control to switch between a powerful blast and a gentle breeze, so that leaves can be sorted onto a tidy pile before they are collected.

People can even use the unit as a vacuum collector if they fit it with its Vacuum Nozzle, which will lift and then shred leaves, cutting their volume by 12 times, making them perfect for mulch!

If that wasn't enough reason to snap it up, the fact that it is both quiet running and clean will be.

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