Get the Mitox 3814 Petrol Chainsaw (35cm Guide Bar) for under £140!

 Get the Mitox 3814 Petrol Chainsaw (35cm Guide Bar) for under £140! 
    People looking to turn wood into logs, perhaps in preparation for colder autumn weather, can now do so with the Mitox 3814 Petrol Chainsaw (35cm Guide Bar), which Mow DIRECT is selling for £139!

The machine is both solidly built and powerful, yet easy to handle and lightweight, making it perfect for discerning chainsaw users.

It boasts a high performance 1.6hp (37.2cc) two-stroke engine, which has a primer bulb and uses Mitox's Smart Pull recoil-assist starter, which cuts down on the pulling force needed by 30 per cent.

There is also a Japanese constructed Walbro carburettor, which improves reliability and performance, and a robust aluminium crankcase, which allows there to be long periods of RPM use, thus extending product life.

Impressively, the machine only weighs 5.1kg and an ergonomic handle layout, so is comfortable to operate and simple to control.

The unit also has a Smart Flow air intake, which stops the air filter from becoming clogged prematurely, and a chain brake that is fast acting, so that the chain stops working if kick back occurs.

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