Make gardening simpler with the Mitox 251-C Petrol Grass-Trimmer

Make gardening simpler with the Mitox 251-C Petrol Grass-Trimmer<br />
    Householders can now make their lawns look much better presented with the Mitox 251-C Petrol Grass-Trimmer.

Mow DIRECT has named the unit one of its top ten brushcutters for the year – impressive!

The machine is the perfect implement to carry out edge-work and trimming and is a bargain at only £119 including VAT!

This unit boasts a 25.4cc engine, which is dependable and simple to start, and only weighs 4.7KG, so is easy to manoeuvre.

Gardeners will also find that a number of features on the machine, such as comprehensive vibration-isolation and an ergonomic loop handle, will reduce the fatigue they feel.

In addition, the unit has a bump-feed nylon-line head, so users will not have to spend time setting the trimmer down to reel-out fresh line.

If all of that wasn’t enough to convince shoppers that this really is the perfect buy, the fact that it comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and free next working day delivery will be.

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