Perfect tool for reviving lawns

If you live in the south and east you’ll be delighted with the recent downpours which have turned parched yellow ground into the lawns which we worked so hard for in the early Spring.

But even with a flush of new growth we have seen many lawns with bare patches and looking a bit sad.

This can be remedied with a good lawn fertilizer but even with a small lawn it can prove difficult to spread the fertilizer easily and evenly.

Garden Spreader Deal
Garden Spreader Deal

To help put life back into lawns the Garden Pride Broadcast Spreader is a versatile and value for money garden machine which can spread fertilizers evenly.

If you have a large area to cover, fertilizers can be spread over 10 to 12 ft. If the area is smaller, simply walk more slowly and the width of spread will be reduced.

But what makes this super little machine attractive is that it can be used to spread salt and other chemicals during the winter to keep drives and paths free of snow and ice.

A big hopper can hold 50 lb of fertilizers or salt making it faster and easier to use and a screen is incorporated into the design to prevent clogging.

There is also a flow rate adjuster on the left of the handlebar and the whole spreader is mounted on a metal frame and has pneumatic tyres.

The machine costs just £79.95 and we think this is an excellent investment for any gardener. The price includes free delivery.

We also have a stock of fertilizers. The MO Bacter Organic Lawn Fertilizer – is £35.32; Green Comfort Organic Fertilizer, £28.56; Recovery Organic Fertilizer costs £37.61, and Bio Lime Organic Fertilizer is £19.72. All prices are for 20 kg bags.

And don’t forget you can call our sales team for personal advice on this great value spreader or any other garden equipment you see on our main site on 0845 4588 905.

We should be set for a little more rain over the coming week. After all, it is Wimbledon fortnight!!

From all the Mowdirect team, happy gardening.

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