Trim hedges with the Echo HC1500 Hedgecutter!

Trim hedges with the Echo HC1500 Hedgecutter!
    People who have unruly hedges can make them look lovely again with the Echo HC1500 Hedgecutter.

Despite having an RRP of £358.80, the unit only costs £309 when bought from Mow DIRECT!

This machine is precision-ground, razor sharp and smooth running, which is sure to impress gardeners.

It's also built to be long lasting, so can be used to trim hedges for years to come!

This model has a number of impressive advanced features, such as high quality double reciprocating blades that are curt on their return and forward strokes, to give a smooth finish.

The unit also boasts pro-fire electronic ignition, so that more power is available to start it

Owners will also find that engine life is extended by the commercial grade air cleaner, which also maintains the engine's power.

Users won't tire easily while using the machine either, as it has an engine mount, making for fatigue free operation!

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