Japanese hedgecutter ‘among the best in the world’

Gardeners in need of a device to trim back the shrubbery should aim for one of the best products in the world, in the shape of the Tanaka THT-2000 Hedgecutter with Twist Grip Handle.

Priced at £199.95 including VAT, the machine has nearly £90 off its RRP and is known for its compact and lightweight design.

Furthermore, its ergonomic fatigue-free operation means that users will be able to get through their work in comfort.

It is powered by a 22cc 2-stroke Tanaka engine which runs a 20-inch double-sided, double-reciprocating cutting blade.

The Quick-Twist function provides gardeners with extra comfort as they can lock the rear handle in any one of five positions, allowing them to tackle hedges from any angle.

In addition, the engine is easy-starting and requires 30 to 50 per cent less pulling force than other machines to get it going.

Tanaka has made a name for itself by developing two-stroke products like blowers, edgers, chainsaws and drills.

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