Al-KO Scythe Mower comes with free manufacturer’s PDI!

Now householders can get hold of a top-class mower that comes with pre-delivery inspection (PDI) when they buy the Al-Ko BM875II Scythe Bar Mower.

The PDI would normally be worth £90 but comes for free!

This unit also arrives ready-to-use and fully assembled and also comes with free two to three working day delivery and a generous 24-month manufacturer's warranty.

People who buy the machine will be pleased to hear that it comes with edge protection, so that scythe blades do not bash against fences, walls and borderstones while users are operating the mower.

The unit benefits from specially-hardened, double cutting blades that are fitted with a hinged guide, so that they last for longer.

Users will also be able to adjust the height of theses blades, altering them for different tasks.

The unit boasts a must-have Briggs & Stratton Quantum engine and an 87cm cutting width.

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