Top Ten Petrol Hedge Trimmers for 2011

The lawns may be desperate for a drop in rain, at least in the south of the country, but the very dry weather has not stopped the hedges growing no matter where you are.

Many of you may remember the good old faithful garden shears when hedge trimming was a total bind.

But now is it is so much easier with a modern hedge trimmer.

One quick tip. Make sure you buy a model with enough power.

Some electrically powered models are really only suitable for the lightest privet and get clogged when tackling anything remotely heavy.

We stock literally dozens of models but here is our choice to begin with. If you need personal advice called out team at 0845 4588 905.

Einhell BG-PH 2250 Hedge TrimmerEinhell BG-PH 2250 Hedge Trimmer

A robust and powerful hedge trimmer ideal for large gardens with long runs of hedges. Lightweight, it has a 22 cc motor and is engineered to absorb vibration. Will tackle thicker stems without jamming, is comfortable to use and has a guard to protect hands.

  • German engineered machine offering good quality at an affordable price.
  • Double sided cutting blade, quick start engine.
  • Only £129.95, £70 off the manufacturer’s price, free delivery and two year extended warranty.

Mitox HTS-700 Hedge Trimmer

Single sided trimmer built to semi-professional standards but at an excellent price. Single sided machines are preferred by gardening professionals as they are lightweight and give a better finish. Good for shaping hedges, easy to control, strong and durable.

  • Extra long cutting blade with debris collector.
  • Excellent vibration damping for comfort during long periods of use.
  • £169, offering superb value for a style of machine used by professionals with two year manufacturer’s warranty.


From the maker of some of the world’s best trimmers. Light in weight, easy to use and with a unique sound reduction system. It has a double sided double reciprocating blade powered by an ultra-reliable 22 cc engine.

  • Japanese made and the lightest in its class.
  • Twist grip handle, easy starting requiring less effort.
  • £209, a saving of £80 on manufacturer’s prices and with a five year manufacturer’s warranty.

Hitachi CH62EA3 ST Petrol HedgetrimmerHitachi CH62EA3 Hedge Trimmer

An easy to control and use machine from a leading Japanese manufacturer, this machine has double sided blades and has wider tooth spacing to take care of thicker growth without choking. Five position handle allows the user to select the most comfortable working position.

  • Easy to start.
  • Powerful engine to cope with thinker stems.
  • Just £219 for a robust machine engineered to last.

Mitox 268LRH Long Reach Hedgetrimmer 445WMitox 268-LRH Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

A trimmer designed to cope with high hedges. The long reach means taller hedges can be trimmed without using a ladder. Articulating head means that even the tops can be trimmed in safety.

  • Powerful engine with full crankshaft for longer life.
  • Longer cutting blades in high quality hardened steel.
  • £249. Free next working day delivery and two years manufacturer’s warranty.


A professional trimmer offering excellent value for money. Designed to cut heavy growth and features an easy-to-start two stroke Robin engine. Light weight and comfortable and easy to use with large double sided blades.

  • Ultra dependable with easy starting 22 cc engine.
  • One of the easiest to use machines available.
  • £249, showing £130 saving on manufacturer’s recommended price

Husqvarna 123HD 65x HedgetrimmerHusqvarna 123HD-65X Hedge Trimmer

Rugged and powerful for the home owner with long runs of hedges or the professional for occasional use. Very clean cut, adjustable rear handle, very powerful yet lightweight.

  • Easy to start engine.
  • Optimised centre of gravity for ease of use.
  • £319, a £30 saving on manufacturer’s recommended price.


This is a professional hedge cutter, hard working, rugged and built to last. Long single sided cutter blade which collects debris. Heavy duty gear box designed for extensive periods of use.

  • Powerful 24 cc engine with low emissions engineered to last.
  • Lightweight with single-sided blade preferred by many professionals.
  • £359, showing a saving of £100 on manufacturer’s price with a two year commercial warranty, five years of domestic use.

Husqvarna 325HE 4x HedgetrimmerHusqvarna 325HE-4X Hedge Trimmer

A long-reach trimmer built for professional use with a 55 cm blade and an overall length of 2.34 metres. It also has a cutter bar which can be adjusted without putting the machine down.

  • Extra long reach with reliable engine featuring a catalytic converter for cleaner running.
  • Powerful, extra-long reach, reliable, built with the professional in mind.
  • £579, a saving of over £70 on manufacturer’s recommended retail price.


A long-reach trimmer with an adjustable high-speed blade and powerful quieter-running engine which will give more torque. Very long reach, the longest available, and the ideal cutter for the professional.

  • High speed cutting blade gives a better finish.
  • Head adjusts to 13 positions,
  • £699 showing a saving of over £60 on manufacturer’s recommended retail prices.
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