New Pro lawn scarifier for under £500!

New Pro lawn scarifier for under £500!
    Gardeners looking for a scarifier that's good quality but won't break the bank may want to buy the Weibang WB384RB Pro Lawn Scarifier.

It's the perfect machine for householders who have lawns with thatch on the surface and have become discoloured as a result.

This unit only costs £465 (including VAT), but despite its low price has a host of impressive features.

It's 158cc Briggs & Stratton 550-Series engine is not only extremely reliable but also comes with Prime 'N Pull, a feature which allows the unit to start quickly and easily by providing the carburettor with the correct amount of fuel.

In addition, the machine has an oil-foam air filter so that key parts of it are not harmed by dirt, thus extending the life of the engine.

This unit is also resistant to corrosion thanks to the inclusion of an aluminium muffler.

Shoppers will also be pleased to hear that the unit will be shipped to them for free!

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