Now is the time to take control of the hedges

Many of you will have noticed the amazing growth in the hedgerows now that they have had a touch of rain.
Nothing sets off a garden more than neatly trimmed hedges. The days when we toiled away with garden shears are, thank goodness, now far behind us and there are modern hedge trimmers to suit every garden.
Even the least expensive trimmer will cut good sized hedge twigs and one of the best is the Einhell BG-PH 2250 for just £129.95, £70 less than the manufacturer’s recommended retail price.
The engine is engineered to limit vibrations, is strong and durable and yet the machine is remarkably light in weight. This machine is ideal for long runs of hedging and will give a clean neat cut to give trimmed hedges a neat and manicured appearance.

It also has a throttle lock and hard guard and is engineered to deal with thicker stems without jamming.
It comes with free next working day delivery.

If you need a stronger machine we have a special offer on the Tanaka THT-2000.
Japanese engineered for quieter running and lightweight, Tanaka make some of the best hedge trimmers in the world.

With a powerful 22cc engine and a 20 inch double reciprocating blade, this trimmer will deal with long runs of hedging and what’s more has a five year manufacturer’s warranty.
Our special price is just £209 a saving of £80 on the manufacturer’s recommended retail price.
And it comes with free next working day delivery.

Another hedge trimmer you should consider is the Mitox 266-LRH machine with a powerful full crank engine – one normally only associated with much more costly models.

It has an articulating cutter blade so you can adjust it to the most comfort angle and can trim the tops of ordinary hedges as well.
It has double sided blades enabling faster trimming and comes with two optional attachments so that it can be converted to a brush cutter and with the pruner attachment is ideal for trimming straggling branches of garden trees.
The pruner attachment costs £79 and the brush cutter £59, and the trimmer itself costs £219. A truly versatile and hard-working garden machine with two years manufacturer’s warranty and free next working day delivery.

Before you decide, have a look at our full range on the web site or give one of our team a ring on 08454 588905 if you prefer personal advice.

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