Try using the Agri-Fab 48″ Plug Type Aerator

Try using the Agri-Fab 48" Plug Type Aerator 
    Mow Direct is currently offering the Agri-Fab 48" Plug Type Aerator for only £219. This handy item is perfect to use at this time of year on lawns that have a high moisture content.

The item is designed to rid lawns of three to four-inch diameter soil plugs, which will make compacted soil looser.

Gardeners will find that this machine is best suited to heavy traffic areas, such as sports fields, on easily compacted soil and on drought-damaged lawns.

This model has an exceptionally long working life thanks to its heavy duty design and also offers coring points that can withstand tough soil conditions without breaking or bending.

Gardeners can easily move the instrument between different outdoor areas by raising its metal spools from the ground with one lever, which they can easily reach from the seat of a tractor.

The unit will be delivered for free on the next working day after it is ordered and arrives boxed. It also comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty.

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