Try the Einhell BGDP-7535 Dirty-Water Pump

Try the Einhell BGDP-7535 Dirty-Water Pump
    Homeowners who are looking for a machine to get rid of waste water can now buy the Einhell BGDP-7535 Dirty-Water Pump.

Users can shift an incredible 15,000 litres per hour when they use this robust and powerful water pump.

This must-have item, which has the ability to rid flooded cellars, construction areas, dykes and ponds of dirty water, is a necessity for every home.

Helpfully, the motor will stop working when the water reaches a low level (around 5cm) as the high-performance pump has a float-switch to halt operation. This feature also means that gardeners can leave the unit running while they are attending to other matters and the motor will not burn out.

When the machine restarts it is able to fill to the generous level of 50cm. Material, such as mud, stones and sand of 30mm or less, that enters the machine will also be pumped out.
Savvy shoppers can now buy this machine for only £49.95.

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