MowDirect Prices Frozen until January 15th

As the credit card bills drop on to the doormat and the Christmas bank statements make for anything but a happy new year here at MowDirect we have decided to give our customers a special January gift.

VAT has gone up but ALL our prices are frozen until January 15TH.

So there is still time to take advantage of last year’s prices for another ten days, which could lead to substantial savings on garden equipment.

Over the long holiday period, we were closed for several days but had our busiest Christmas and New Year period ever as many of our customers bought new gardening equipment before the prices go up.

So we have decided to keep last year’s prices to help those of you who missed the boat because of all the paraphernalia of the festive period.

If you are thinking about buying for instance, a lawn tractor for around £2000, you can save over £40 by buying now. And you could save even more as several manufacturers have told us that price increases are on the way.

Add to that many mowers and other powered equipment for the garden have been cut in price in our January sale and you have three good reasons to buy now.

So a very Happy New Year from all the team at MowDirect.


Updated July 2018

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